While watching the Penguins rout the Flyers last night I was chatting with a friend, actually it was former BoM editor Scott, about how the re-launch will look. Figured I’d toss it out here for general awareness. If you’ve got any feedback, I’m not opposed to hearing it.


  1. I was very focused last time around on making the Blog of Manly appear like a professional publication. I didn’t want so much polish that it lost its grit, but I wanted well structured content, heavily edited and carefully formatted.
  2. There wasn’t room for anything other than complete thoughts. Fully formed articles. Videos that told a complete story.
  3. There were too many contests and giveaways. For a blog that sought to drive men out of their basements and into battle, I surely expected a lot of them to have time to send me pictures of their beards or whatever.
  4. I spent hundreds of hours on design elements. Featured images, blog styles and headers, icons, logos… it was absurd.
  5. I set absurdly rigid publication deadlines for myself. Forced a lot of content that wasn’t the content I wanted to run.



  1. Less rigid post format. I’m not gonna post shitty content or poorly written garbage. But the writing guide will be one or two bullet points instead of one or two pages. If there’s something I want to say and it takes one sentence, guess what: one sentence post. I’m going to try to discipline myself to do more video stuff even though that will be the worst thing ever.
  2. Less focus on graphical and design elements. I do like a nicely designed website, and I might get a burst of energy to do work on this site. But I’m not going to spend so much time building the vehicle that I’m too tired to drive it. I’m also going to reduce the amount of time I spend searching for the perfect featured image, etc. I would spend 90 minutes sometimes searching stock photos, finding the right crop size, formatting the font… Nonsense. I’m going to use photos I like or photos I’ve taken. They may be relevant. They may not. I’ll decide in the moment.
  3. This will be more conversational. More personal. More off the cuff and in the moment. Manhood is monumental, but not every moment of it has to be so frickin’ deliberate that there’s no room for good music, good cigars, good laughs, etc. It can be monumental without being exhausting.
  4. A lot more hockey talk.

This is the fight I want to see in the next week.


  1. A post (or more) per week. I’m going to try. And I have enough archived content to keep something happening. But I won’t commit to a rigorous schedule for posting because, well, I don’t want to.
  2. A team of writers. I need to establish the tone, format, rhythm, and personality first. I need to have sound “Doctrines of Manliness”. I need to be willing to deliver direct feedback to men who want direct feedback. I need to be comfortable letting them be themselves – even if it isn’t how I would do it. So, if/when it happens, it will happen in a natural, organic way that supports the current direction instead of redefining it.
  3. No More Giveaways. Annoying to administer. Expensive. Irritating when no one cares but me.

I’m really grateful for the response from everyone. It was nice to throw up a post and have people react to it and be all kinds of supportive. I still think there’s more to say, but let’s manage expectations up-front. This is still the best place to find manly content, but it won’t be the exact same experience you’re used to. It’ll be less formal. It’ll be more real and more honest. And hopefully more fun for everyone involved.