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it's good to be a man

Doing Manhood Wrong

There are countless men whose day to day lives are ruled by the cripplingly stupid notion that there’s no difference between men and women.

Flashback: Is Your Band of Brothers Not Working?

Maybe you’re doing it wrong. Once every few years I make it a point to re-watch HBO's Band of Brothers miniseries. This ten-part offering from Spielberg, Hanks, & Co, follows Easy Company of the Army’s 101st Airborne from training in Georgia through World War II's...

What to Expect

While watching the Penguins rout the Flyers last night I was chatting with a friend, actually it was former BoM editor Scott, about how the re-launch will look.

What Happened?

We had a pretty sweet platform. We had hundreds of articles. We had dozens of videos. We covered numerous topics. We were almost there.

Choose Your Battles

I felt those ugly, awful words rising up in my throat. But I’m not going to crush his passion for justice just because he hasn’t connected all the dots yet.