Gillette Ad: I'm More Upset with You than I AM With those Virtue-Signalling Nitwits

A hallmark of great masculinity is steadiness in the storm.

January 2019 was the month of the Gillette ad. You know the ad.

I’ll give them some unnecessary attention anyway:

The Blog of Manly didn’t respond to the ad. We posted other people’s responses (a cynical ploy to get traffic to the site; it worked):

I didn’t say much more about it for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t shave regularly, and when I do, I use an electric trimmer and shave my face and head as close as the trimmer will get it. I haven’t bought a razor in decades. Not my scene.
  2. I don’t care. The virtue signalling SJW misandrists at Gillette are so irrelevant to me. I just can’t summon an emotional response to them.
  3. Either: It’s becoming white noise. There’s so much man-hating that it’s becoming easier to drown it out. It’s absurd and obnoxious and I don’t think anyone is convinced by it anyway.
  4. Or: We’re reaching the point where it’s so destructive that people are going to rebel against it. And then they’ll be where I’m at anyway, so… welcome home, I guess.
  5. If I boycotted or railed against every corporation that virtue signaled to a cause or group I don’t support, I wouldn’t be able to buy anything or go anywhere.

But I think the Babylon Bee best summed up why I didn’t have much to say on the topic:

Men, if we’ve got time to be riled up by a cynical ad designed to sell razors to gender-fluid SJWs shaving hormone induced new-growth, then we’re not busy enough.

Go make some more babies. Get a hobby. Chop some firewood. Smoke cigars. Hike. Buy a motorcycle. Anything but joining the outrage culture.

A hallmark of great masculinity is steadiness in the storm.