I’ve debated whether to broach this subject here for – I’m not kidding – YEARS. On my personal feeds, and in my personal life my feelings are well known. But I was never eager to pick this fight on this platform.

But today I’m overwhelmed. And it’s a significant topic, so whatever. Let’s talk about it.

Does a man’s word have any value anymore?

Here’s why I ask: In England tonight, doctors are depriving a two year old of oxygen, food, and water. Doctors, men who took an oath to do no harm, are murdering a child.

Outside the hospital room are men in uniforms displaying badges. They’re not there to protect the child and his family. They’re there to prevent any attempts to save the child’s life. But they’ll get a pass because “they’re just doing their job.”

Also today, while processing the terrifying reality that I’m raising children in a world where the state could quite literally try to murder them, I hear from a man I know personally that his marriage is in trouble and he is not interested in fighting for it.

All across America there are police officers abusing their power, mistreating citizens, enforcing bad laws, punishing victimless behavior to generate revenue for the state, and hiding behind public sympathy: “Just doing their job.”

I’m aware that I just pissed most of you off. Hopefully you have the intellectual fortitude to hear me out and engage, as opposed to unfollowing me and assuming I’m some degenerate lawbreaker. (I’ve got references and a spotless criminal record.)

I don’t want to trip over your thin blue line, but I’m also not going to pretend it’s not a struggle for me.

Do I think the doctors in England scheme and plot and long for opportunities to murder toddlers? Of course not. But they do not possess the courage or conviction to fight the encroaching socialism and honor their oath.

Do I think the British cops grew up wanting to be the armed enforcement agents of government tyranny? No. I believe they probably thought they’d be helping people. But they find themselves tasked as accessories to murder and they just go along with it. Why? Because someone told them to. And because they lack the vision and courage to defy orders and risk personal discomfort.

Do I think the man whose marriage is struggling expected he’d be in such a rough place just a few years into his marriage? I’m quite certain that he hoped for exactly the opposite. But somehow, somewhere, a part of him assimilated with the lie that commitments that require hard, agonizing, painful, tireless, often fruitless work aren’t worth keeping. I pray and believe his story ends happily, but that won’t happen unless and until he has a change of heart about the value of his vow compared to the value of his comfort.

Do I think most American police are anything other than husbands and fathers who want to do their job, help some people, and come home to their families? No. That’s precisely what they are. But they exist effortlessly in a system that allows them to badger and harass, detain without cause, extort, punish victimless behavior, and – often – shoot with consequences. At what point does an good man in uniform get tired of initiating with citizens who’ve done nothing wrong? At what point does propping up a bad system begin to change our view of a man?

I hope by my tone here you can see that while I may get heated sometimes, and while I may make bombastic and inflammatory accusations, I’m not some asshole who goes around shoving a camera in every cop’s face and trying to provoke them. I do/will resist sobriety checkpoints (Am I being detailed? Am I free to go?), and I do/will refuse to answer questions. It should please any good man in uniform that I’m comfortable with my rights. But I fear that it wouldn’t.

Because it doesn’t seem like a man’s word means anything anymore.

So, what do we do?Do we follow the edicts and laws of corrupt governments, or do we honor our oaths to protect life, liberty, and property? Do we walk out of difficult commitments, or do we sacrifice ourselves for those we’ve sworn our allegiance to (insert all the necessary caveats here, and don’t be a smartass)?

And at what point does “just doing our job” compromise our integrity so fundamentally that we’re no longer “good men” anymore?


When does our word begin to mean something again?