Josh is on a crusade to become an irritant to a culture that mocks true masculinity and tries to replace it with a bearded femininity. When he's not challenging the destructive norms of the chickified culture, he enjoys a fine cigar or firing off a box of ammo at the shooting range. He's married, and his wife is awesome.

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A MANifesto, Part 5

We promise to be real men willing to be honest about our experience of manhood.

A MANifesto, Part 4

Continued from Part 3 So, what are we fighting for? We’re fighting FOR the truth that man – MEN – were created with a specific, glorious purpose. We were created to build a kingdom. We were created to defend a kingdom. We were created to lead the charge against the f

A MANifesto, Part 3

I argued against the inclusion of “In Christ” in our purpose statement.

A MANifesto, Part 2

I refuse to learn the language of another gender to speak to those of my own.

A MANifesto, Part 1

Men, if they want to survive and thrive in church, have to become well-versed and comfortable navigating a hostile landscape.

From Waiting to Dating

The Christian church gives terrible dating advice.

Guys Like Us

Instead, I'm having a blast hustling with the guy whose primary purpose at that moment was to get us out of the room so he could use it.

White Hot Heat

You meet a woman and BOOM – an immediate, electrifying, powerful, sexual attraction.

Manly Music Mondays: Fight the Silence by For Today

This is a discussion of the track Fight the Silence. More, it's the unfiltered expression of my hate towards sex trafficking.