Josh is on a crusade to become an irritant to a culture that mocks true masculinity and tries to replace it with a bearded femininity. When he's not challenging the destructive norms of the chickified culture, he enjoys a fine cigar or firing off a box of ammo at the shooting range. He's married, and his wife is awesome.

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Gear Review: CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk

If trees could talk they would tell you that no tomahawk/hatchet scares them more than CRKT’s Chogan Woods T-Hawk.

Book Review: Allegiance by D.J. Molles

Finally our wait is over! Allegiance was released last week and, he's promised, part six is not far behind!

Manly Music Mondays: Fight the Silence by For Today

This is a discussion of the track Fight the Silence. More, it's the unfiltered expression of my hate towards sex trafficking.

Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage

When Nick Perdomo took to social media earlier this year to hype the Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage cigar, I put a note on my calendar.

Marriage Makes Men Better

One of the roles I play in my marriage is to push my wife to move past her fears, trust herself, and celebrate accomplishing.

Manly Music Mondays: The Family Ruin by Oh, Sleeper

I picked Oh, Sleeper's The Family Ruin for Manly Music Mondays for a couple very simple reasons.

Pick a Rick Grimes (S1-4 Spoilers)

In honor of televisions biggest hit, I thought we could have a little fun by analyzing - albeit on a very surface level - the main character, Rick Grimes.

Dunhill Signed Range Vintage ’03

I'd never heard of them before, so I had no idea I was getting the top of the Dunhill line - a cigar that has garnered a 90 rating from Cigar Afficianado.

Alec Bradley Raices Cubanas

When I saw the Alec Bradley Raices Cubanas, I felt like it would be foolish not to try it.