Josh is on a crusade to become an irritant to a culture that mocks true masculinity and tries to replace it with a bearded femininity. When he's not challenging the destructive norms of the chickified culture, he enjoys a fine cigar or firing off a box of ammo at the shooting range. He's married, and his wife is awesome.

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Manly Music Mondays: Children of Fire by Oh, Sleeper

Oh, Sleeper makes fight music. As if to prove my point, the opening lyric to Children of Fire: We were born to fight!

Perdomo Edicion de Silvio Maduro

It’s important to note that this is the MADURO version of the Edicion de Silvio.

From Waiting to Dating

The Christian church gives terrible dating advice.

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne

Perdomo Champagne is a mild masterpiece, and I wanted to start my mornings at the beach off properly.

AVO The Dominant 13th

I don't have any history with AVO but apparently they're pretty awesome.

Gran Habano #5

The Gran Habano #5 has long been one of my go-to cigars when I stop by the local smoke shop.

Marriage 101: The Contract

Every marriage has a contract. Ever come home three hours late and receive a disappointed look from your wife? It’s because you broke the “don’t be inconsiderate” clause in her contract. Ever gotten mad at your wife for spending $756 on shoes? That’s because, whether you know it or no

Manly Music Mondays: Vices by Memphis May Fire

The message in Vices by Memphis May Fire may not be readily obvious due simply to the style of music.

Is Your Band of Brothers Not Working?

Every few years I watch HBO's Band of Brothers miniseries. It’s a story about the experiences of a particular group of men and their camaraderie.

Camacho Corojo

I originally wrote this review at the beach, but didn't get any photos. So, I had to resmoke the Camacho Corojo twice more.